Presens Frequently Asked Questions

Presens frequently answers questions from their customers. Anna decided to share two questions she frequently hears from our New Zealand customers.

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How do we test the stability of the sensor in an organic solvent? What is the best way to validate the measurement and correct working of the sensor?
— Presens Customer Question

Answer: The customer can perform the measurement in the organic solvent followed by a measurement in nitrogen. Correct measurement values in nitrogen proof that the sensor did stand the organic solvent.

How do I incorporate an optical DO sensor into a Minibioreactor with an 8 mm or 6 mm fitting? What is the outer diameter of the OIM probe? If it is too large, would it be possible to make an autoclavable probe with 4 mm diameter?
— Presens Customer Question

Answer: PreSens could offer a customized probe. The best option would be a dipping probe (steel tube) with 6 mm outer diameter. (The minimum length can be adapted to the customer's requirements.) However, the sensor spot in this customized probe is not exchangable, i. e. after 20 - 50 autoclavable cycles the customer needs to replace the entire probe.