PreSens offers a broad range of sensor systems for end users in Bioprocess Control, Biological & Environmental Research, Food & Beverage industry as well as other industrial applications. They offer systems including:

• Dissolved oxygen (DO) and CO2 measurement in gases and liquids
• Non-invasive online pH, CO2 and oxygen measurement
• Oxygen and pH sensors for single-use bioreactors
• Microsensors for pH and oxygen
• Process control in shake flasks
• Low-maintenance DO measurement for fermentation and bioreactor systems
• Online oxygen and pH measurement in disposables like multiwell plates and plastic bags
• Imaging Solutions for 2D-sensing of oxygen-, pH- and CO2- distribution

Their product range is constantly expanding. Furthermore, they are developers and manufacturer of optoelectronic OEM sensor components for companies in the field of medical equipment and process control.

Please do not hesitate to contact Anna for any request concerning your customized solution.

What is your application?

Presens developed a System Creator to help you find a solution that will create your measurement set-up in 10-clicks. Start by clicking the button below. If you find a potential solution but want to know more, feel free to contact Anna and she will help you out.

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SFR Vario

SFR Vario