SDR SensorDish Reader

Non-invasive online culture monitoring of oxygen and pH

The SDR SensorDish® Reader is a small 24-channel reader for non-invasive detection of oxygen and pH in multidishes (SensorDishes®). These contain a sensor spot at the bottom of each well. They are read out non-invasively through the transparent bottom. SensorDishes® for oxygen (OxoDish®) and pH (HydroDish®) are available in the 24-well and 6-well format. Deep well plates with integrated oxygen sensors (OxoDish®-DW) allow measurements in shaken cultures. Read out of oxygen sensors integrated in glass vessels for respiration monitoring is also possible. The SensorDish® Reader can be used in incubators and on shakers and is thus the ideal tool for cell cultivation.


  • Parallel online monitoring in disposable 24- or 6-well plates
  • Non-invasive & non-destructive measurement
  • Deep well plates (for O2 monitoring in shaken cultures) & low well plates available
  • Pre-calibrated
  • For use in incubators and on shakers
  • Optional extension for monitoring of up to 240 samples

SDR Gallery

  • Measurement under real conditions in incubator atmosphere
  • Low well & deep well plates
  • Pre-calibrated & ready-to-use
  • For microbial & cell culture